Silk & Diamonds

iDress was founded in 2010 by designer Antje Paul-Kessel from Hamburg, Germany. In addition to her graduation at University of Fine Arts Berlin, she holds degrees and professional qualifications from leading universities and institutions for gemmology and luxury management.

With her passion for refined prints on silk, she got inspired by iconic brands like Hermès and Pucci. The flowery iDress silk collections are full of colour and handmade with love and Italian craftsmanship in Como.

The company emphasizes the ultimate comfort for skin and soul in it’s pure and lightweight silk products.

Many products found their way to the market via the e-commerce retail and luxury boutiques.

In order to recreate the spirit of art and exclusivity, Antje decided to expand bespoke creation with a diamond jewelry line in an independent company, iDress Diamonds.

iDress Diamonds is curating a selection white and rare fancy diamonds from the very best sources for it’s customers, and offers bespoke diamond jewelry in order to make every jewelry dream come true. This happens in collaboration with the very best handmade artisanal jewelry production in the Antwerp diamond district, where iDress Diamonds is currently based.

The spirit of colour of the company is reflected in a Fancy Diamond jewelry collection.

iDress Diamonds website and e-boutique is set to launch in 2017 on and presents both unique and classic creations.